Interesting Deepfake forums you need to see right now

Aug 20th, 2019 by DFBlue

We’ve come across a few deepfake forums that we’d like to highlight for their unique information and data.

Name Link Notes
Tony is Tucker It’s in Chinese so you’ll need to Google Translate it, but really solid blog posts and walkthroughs
DeepFakes中文网 Also in Chinese, mostly about DeepFaceLab but good turorials and deeper workflows
FaceSwap discord Really good discussion and support for FaceSwap and deepfakes in general
FaceSwap forum Sections include support for installation, extraction, training, conversion and general topics. Wish this was somehow integrated into the discord to remove duplicate effort in posting/reading.
Mr. Deepfakes The forums on this porn site are a good place to start, but not ideal for obvious reasons
v/DeepFake Voat aims to be a censorship-free Reddit, so naturally a good place for SFW/NSFW deepfakes discussions

We’ll continue to add more as we find other valuable resources.

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