The DeepFaceLab Tutorial

The DeepFaceLab Tutorial

We will use DeepFaceLab to create the deepfakes. Another software, FaceSwap is also available, and will have a separate tutorial.

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  1. 2019: The Year of Deepfakes

    Dec 31st, 2019 by DFBlue

    As 2019 draws to a close, it’s worth taking a look back at the progress that has been made in the deepfake space for DFBlue. This is the year that truly put the deepfake technology on the map and showed the world the true power of A.I. and Neural Networks.

  2. Top 7 Deepfakes in November 2019

    Dec 1st, 2019 by DFBlue

    Happy Thanksgiving to our deepfake community! We hope you have been away from your screens and with your loved ones this last week.

  3. DFBlue and the Harvard Institute of Quantitative Social Science

    Nov 22nd, 2019 by DFBlue

    DFBlue announces a partnership with Harvard Institute of Quantitative Social Sciences in a research study on the psychological effects of political deepfakes ahead of the upcoming 2020 U.S. elections.

  4. Twitter Deepfake Survey 2019 Questions

    Nov 12th, 2019 by DFBlue

    Twitter created a survey to test how its users perceive deepfakes and Twitter's responsibility and policies towards it.

  5. Tips & Tricks for Managing Deepfake Source Videos

    Nov 5th, 2019 by DFBlue

    Preparing videos for frame and face extraction properly can save us lots of time and improve our deepfakes.

  6. Make a deepfake: recording custom face sets

    Nov 4th, 2019 by DFBlue

    In the past few months we've gotten multiple requests like: How do I record my face for a deepfake? What's the best way to record a custom face set for a deepfake?

  7. Top 10 Deepfakes in October 2019

    Oct 30th, 2019 by DFBlue

    Halloween is almost here and we wanted to see deepfakes take a spookier turn this month. 🎃 We saw a lot of new content in the deepfake space as well as our usual suspects (Barak Obama and Donald Trump). With iperov launching the new SAEHD model for DeepFaceLab, the quality of deepfakes has improved 10x!

  8. Deepfake — Fake News or Powerful Tool? [Event Report]

    Oct 25th, 2019 by DFBlue

    On Sept. 5, DFBlue hosted an event in New York City called “Deepfake — Fake News or Powerful tool?” which was a discussion on what’s possible with Deepfake technology and how it can be used ethically.

  9. The DeepFaceLab Tutorial

    Oct 25th, 2019 by DFBlue

    We will use DeepFaceLab to create the deepfakes. Another software, FaceSwap is also available, and will have a separate tutorial.

  10. DeepFaceLab Avatar tutorial

    Sep 24th, 2019 by DFBlue

    Avatar or puppet is a way to transform the facial expressions of the source person onto a destination person.

  11. Top 7 Deepfakes in August 2019

    Aug 30th, 2019 by DFBlue

    According to so many reporters and journalists, deepfakes are the end of the world, source of digital destruction, killer of truth and whatnot. But what about the hilarious, creative and ethical side? We work hard to produce funny content!

  12. Interesting Deepfake forums you need to see right now

    Aug 20th, 2019 by DFBlue

    We’ve come across a few deepfake forums that we’d like to highlight for their unique information and data.

  13. Deepfake Tools Overview July 2019

    Aug 8th, 2019 by DFBlue

    Welcome to DFBlue’s first deepfake software overview. In this publication, we’ll be looking at the top two deepfake applications that users around the web are using. Most, if not all, of those Keanu, Trump, and Jim Carrey deepfakes you’ve seen on YouTube were made using these two tools! Let’s take a deeper look.

  14. Top 6 Deepfakes in July 2019

    Jul 31st, 2019 by DFBlue

    Welcome to the month, year, decade of Keanu deepfakes!

  15. 5 reasons why Deepfakes will lead to believable fake news

    Jul 23rd, 2019 by DFBlue

    Our digital landscape is now full of deepfakes. The technological advancements towards improving the quality of deepfakes and making it undetectable is in our near future. This development may lead to discrepancies in the digital space where we may not be able to tell the difference between fake and real news. Here are 5 important reasons why deepfakes will lead to believable fake news: