Top 7 Deepfakes in November 2019

Dec 1st, 2019 by DFBlue

Happy Thanksgiving to our deepfake community! We hope you have been away from your screens and with your loved ones this last week.

Team DFBlue took a longer holiday break this month-end which resulted in a slight delay. 🙈

Let’s look at the top 7 Deepfake of this month! It’s been a month of POTUS for the deepfake community.

1. No Country For Old Actors by Ctrl Shift Face

2. New Joker with Pencil Trick—Joaquin Phoenix by Finergot Movies

3. Trump’s making Alberta the 51st state by 22 minutes

4. Marty McFly travel to the actual future by Pacto Copernico

5. Donald Trump song by DeepFake Channel

6. Donald Trump’s Secret Love Child Donna by The Fakening

7. Sister Act by DrFakenstein

Before you go, check out this Obama deepfake by DFBlue 🤓

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Happy Holidays!

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