Top 10 Deepfakes in October 2019

Oct 30th, 2019 by DFBlue

Halloween is almost here and we wanted to see deepfakes take a spookier turn this month. 🎃 We saw a lot of new content in the deepfake space as well as our usual suspects (Barak Obama and Donald Trump). With iperov launching the new SAEHD model for DeepFaceLab, the quality of deepfakes has improved 10x!

Let’s review the top 10 of October! 👻

1. Will Smith if he starred in Django Unchained by Reds Only

What a jaw-dropping fake performance by Will Smith, this fits right in our spooky vibe this month. Reds only, this was a great idea and you have executed it brilliantly.

2. The Joker Impersonator Turns Into The Actual Joker Himself by MagicOfBarca

This Joker impersonation is spot on!

3. Lily Collins as Audrey Hepburn by madGANs

This scene was extremely hilarious and very well done! 💪🏻

4. Donald Trump as Richard Nixon by The Fakening

The Fakening did a fantastic job of deepfaking the voice which is the next big milestone. No one can deepfake Trump’s hair though.

5. Justin Beanber on Between Two Ferns by Oneduality

Oh my god, it was unreal to watch our favorite Mr. Bean talk without energy but was extremely hilarious. It was almost as if this was Mr. Bean for Adults 🍃🤐

6. Obama Sings Spooky Scary Skeletons by Schmoyoho & Oneduality

It’s Halloween and this is how you get in the holiday spirit! Schmoyoho did the music and Oneduality did the deepfake on this one.

7. Detroit Become Human by Metafake

Creepiest deepfake we’ve seen, spooky score 11/10!

8. Putin in Casino Royale by Finergot Movies

Well isn’t Putin also winning everything in real life 💁🏻‍♀️

9. Obama in Black Panther by Shamook

Shamook making us wish this was real!!!

10. Dr. Elon - Dr. Evil except it’s Elon Musk by Defaced Productions

“Could it be more accurate?” — Chandler Bing

Before you go, check out another Obama deepfake by DFBlue 🤓

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