Top 7 Deepfakes in August 2019

Aug 30th, 2019 by DFBlue

According to so many reporters and journalists, deepfakes are the end of the world, source of digital destruction, killer of truth and whatnot. But what about the hilarious, creative and ethical side? We work hard to produce funny content!

This month we have seen a lot many deepfakes with better and funnier content. A warm welcome to all the new deepfakers out there.🙌🏻

Now let’s review the top 7 of August!

1. Bill Hader channels Tom Cruise by Ctrl Shift Face

This Deepfake of Bill Hader morphing into Tom Cruise has taken over the internet by storm. It’s everywhere!! The transition is so seamless that one has to see it twice to really observe the difference.

2. Harrison Ford as Lone Starr in Spaceballs by EZRyderX47

This was absolutely flawless! Right from the Star Wars parody content to deepfake selection, it was a treat to watch. Excited to see more deepfakes from EZRyderX47 💪🏻

3. Jim Carrey as Ferris Bueller by OneDuality

OneDuality has pushed out maximum content this month. I bet the system has been running non-stop. This one was our favorite this month!

4. Bruce Lee in Ip Man 3 by madGANs

“Cigarettes must have been cheap back in the day.” — YouTube comment

5. Jack Black as me by Rafsan Ratul

Now this is something we’ve been wanting to see for a while! What an amazing experiment where Ratul tried to collect the data himself and push this deepfake out. It would be interesting to see how he collected his data!

6. Donald Trump in a parallel universe by Super Bleu

I don’t want to talk about politics but this was hilarious.

7. Austin Powers Dr. Evil by brianmonarch

“This technology is going to utterly obliterate people’s trust in one another but for now we’ve got some grade A comedic content.” this comment on youtube alone got 14k upvotes 🤣

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Before you go, check out a Mark Zuckerberg deepfake by DFBlue 🤓

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